Why you wear a mask?

What is a mask?

To understand this problem, we must first know what a mask is.

“Marco Polo’s Travels” said: “In the palace of the Yuan Dynasty, people who offered food used silk cloth to cover their mouths and noses to give their breath and not touch the food.”

To put it simply, cover your mouth and nose with a piece of cloth, don’t spit out your nose and saliva in the emperor’s dishes~

This is the earliest mask known to mankind.

And 600 years later, German scientists began to use masks to block bacteria, and the function of masks has gradually changed since then, paying more attention to the prevention of various pollution inhaled from the outside world.

Know what a mask is,

It’s time to ask why you wear a mask.

The first reason has been told by the epidemic.

Preventing the spread of the virus through droplets is a guarantee of safety for yourself and others.

The second reason is more targeted at workers in some polluting industries.

Most of them need to be exposed to harsh air environment for a long time, so they need more professional masks with higher filtration efficiency.
The third point is much more popular than the first two points, mainly to protect yourself from the increasing air pollution.

With the improvement of living standards, everyone’s self-protection awareness has gradually improved. However, with the country’s rectification of air quality, the air we can breathe is getting fresher.